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Red Ops: Infrastructure Setup and Automation [ROP]

Arun Nair | Meera Patel

"Level up your red team skills! Practical Red Team training. Build real-world infra mimicking APT groups. Terraform, Ansible and more. Red/Blue Teams win."

Talk format: 2 Days

Audience level: Intermediate, Advanced

Stepping into the Red Team battleground requires more than just theoretical knowledge, it demands an arsenal of practical skills and an infrastructure that can adapt to complex security landscapes. Current training and talks often don’t teach the nuts and bolts of truly operational Red Team setups, nor do they delve into the automation of such setups. The gap in existing education often skips the real-world complexities and nuances of such setups. This training fills that void and offers a fast-paced and engaging introduction to setting up Red Team Infrastructure, focusing on the practical uses of Terraform and Ansible. The training begins with a brief overview of Red Team operations and the critical role of robust infrastructure. It then swiftly moves into the practical aspects and implementing automation at each step, demonstrating the basics of Terraform for deploying cloud infrastructure and Ansible for efficient configuration management. During this training the students will not only setup a complex resilient Red Team Infrastructure but will also parallely develop a framework to streamline the whole process, from automating the setup of C2 Teamservers, HTTP/SMTP/DNS Redirectors, RedELK Logging Server, Phishing Server with Gophish/Evilginx/iRedMail and many more.


Arun Nair is an Independent Security Researcher with experience of Red Teaming especially in malware development and defence evasion. He holds multiple certifications like OSCP, CRTP, CRTL, CodeMachine Malware Techniques, Malware on Steroids and Hacksys Windows Kernel Exploitation. He has worked with top-tier organizations like Google and Mandiant with a role of red teaming. Beyond his professional endeavors, Arun is actively involved in the cybersecurity community. He has contributed as a volunteer in designing CTF (Capture The Flag) challenges for the Defcon Adversary Village, and has shared his knowledge through talks and workshops at prestigious events like Bsides Transylvania, HackSpaceCon, RingZer0, RedTeamSummit, c0c0n, and regional Null Meetups. In addition to his professional achievements and contributions to the cybersecurity community, Arun Nair dedicates his free time to sharing knowledge and insights on his blog at



Meera is a passionate cyber security professional who currently works as a cyber security consultant at Security Brigade. Experienced in Red Teaming and Penetration Testing across various domains including Container Security, Cloud Security and Web Applications Security. In her free time, she likes to automate boring tasks and has developed multiple scripts to automate various phases of Red Teaming and Penetration Testing.

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