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The Conference

After a hugely successful 2022, HackSydney returns this year, to be held in November!

Venue: Mercure Hotel, Sydney

HackSydney aspires to be an inclusive, diverse and educational InfoSec Conferences in the APACJ region.
The conference will cover all aspects of the industry, ranging from offensive security to defensive security and everything in between.

Code of Conduct

Hack Sydney {#HCKSYD}

2023 Talks (full schedule)

Dr. Blaz Ivanc

Mastering Enterprise Cyber Security: Leveraging Threat Intelligence for Risk Mitigation

Robert Byrne 

Linux anti-forensics - Rediscovering the old-school

Kalyani Pawar 

The Yin-Yang of ChatGPT and Copilot in Secure Coding

Adhokshaj Mishra 

Breaking Container Boundary Using Side Channel Attack

Vincent Lo 

Advanced Malicious Script Analysis

Maxime Cousseau

Leveraging Threat Intelligence to Unlock Additional Security Funding

Vikas Khanna 

API Security 101

Natasha Basukoski
Supply chain risk management best practices

Danish Tariq | Hassan Khan 

Supply Chain Attacks:- Focused on JS attacks

Hajime Yanagishita | Suguru Ishimaru | Yusuke Niwa  

Spy in the real like movies: unthinkable intrusion methods by Pandas in their territory

Ben Gittins 

Eating SLSA on your chips: A guide to supply chain security

Benjamyn Whiteman

Fast Flux Forensics

Abhijeet Singh 

Unmasking Modern DOS Attacks: Exploring Logical Attack Techniques and Defence Strategies.

Wayne Villars

TikTok USDS Threat Hunting Framework

Thomas Roccia

The ten provoking tenets of a "Successful" Security Professional

Shaun Vlassis

Detection & Response is broken, we need a new approach

Sophie Markakis 

Critical Infrastructure in the Age of Cyber Warfare: A New Threat Landscape

Jonas Stein
How open standards will revolutionise international cooperation in the years to come

Haniyyah Rahman-Shepherd | Andrew Arens
TikTok USDS IO Kill Chain, Tradecraft Framework, and Attribution Methodologies

Harriet Farlow

Artificial vs Biological ‘Intelligence’: Why Our Humanity Matters More Than Ever 

Edward Farrell

Analysing cloud marketplace software for fun and profit

Shaun Vlassis
Detection & Response is broken, we need a new approach

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HCKSYD 23 OffSec Village will have talks, workshops, CTF and networking opps. 

These will be published as they are selected. 

This year's Fix The Flag competition is being run by Sustaining Partners, SecDim.

Challenge yourself in an Attack & Defence CTF - 23 November to 24 November. 

  • Thu, Nov 07
    Location is TBD (Sydney City)
    Nov 07, 2024, 9:00 AM – Nov 08, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Location is TBD (Sydney City)
    Nov 07, 2024, 9:00 AM – Nov 08, 2024, 7:00 PM
    Location is TBD (Sydney City)

HCKSYD 2022 Highlights

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