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OffSec Village 23

HCKSYD 23 OffSec Village will have talks, workshops, CTF and networking opps. 

These will be published as they are selected. 

HCKSYD 23 Fix the Flag

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 9.46.47 am.png

This year's Fix The Flag competition is being run by Sustaining Partners, SecDim.

Challenge yourself in an Attack & Defence CTF - 23 November to 24 November. 


This is an online event with HCKSYD as part of the OffSec Village for anyone interested to challenge themselves in AppSec.

We have a novel Attack and Defence styled CTF game.

We have handpicked secure programming challenges based on real world incidents.

Your objective is to exploit fix security vulnerabilities in each challenge.


We want to encourage more developers (and Companies) to write secure apps to help protect our ecosystem, so we see less disastrous breaches impacting millions of users.

We want more penetration testers to learn how to audit code for quality security bugs and do not limit their assessment to blackbox audits.


Show up on the first day of the briefing session, after that you can play the game at your own discretion.

You can solve the Intro and Setup challenges to get started.

You can then pick any challenge you want in any order and start securing.


The game starts on 23 November 2023 and ends on 24 November 2023 5pm AEST and winners will be announced afterwards.

The game will be available online for the whole duration specified.

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