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[PHF] Practical Hacking Fundamentals

By Marianka Botes

3 Days

This training course has been delivered successfully at BlackHat (USA) in the past is schedules to be delivered again this year. It will also be delivered at DEFCON and other major conferences this year.

EarlyBird - $2750 (+ GST)

General - $3000 (+ GST)

Late - $3300 (+ GST)

GST is 10% in Australia
Course Abstract:

Start your journey into information security with a practical hacking course that will expose you to the technical fundamentals of penetration testing and security practises in the realms of networking, infrastructure, web applications and wireless technologies.
Key Points:
* How to think like a hacker
* Finding vulnerabilities and exploiting them
* How to approach a pentesting methodology in real world scenarios
This is an introductory course for those starting the journey into penetration testing or those working in environments where understanding how hackers think and the tools, tactics and techniques they use are of essence. Learn how to attack, and utilise the concepts to enhance your defensive understandings.
The course presents the background information, technical skills and basic concepts required to those desiring a foundation in the world of information security.
By the end of the course, you will have a good grasp of how vulnerabilities and exploits work, how attackers think about networks and systems, and have compromised several of them, from infrastructure, web applications to Wi-Fi.
This course aims to expose you to the methodologies used by active penetration testers on their day to day journey with clients and assessments.
Join us and learn to hack


Course Syllabus:

This course is:
* 60% practical and 40% theoretical
* Immersive practicals with a wide spread of coverage
* Delivered by active penetration testers
Key Modules:
Introduction to hacking
The hacker mindset and methodology
Enumeration and recon
Vulnerabilities (Discovery and abuse)
Exploits (Discovery and usage)
Web application hacking basics
Wi-Fi network hacking
Next steps and future growth


Marianka Botes

Marianka is a security analyst for the SensePost team at Orange Cyberdefense. She studied Information Technology at the North-West University and has a big passion for hacking. In her off time she will study up some Dad jokes or find the best places to order chicken wings. 

SensePost is an elite ethical hacking team of Orange Cyberdefense that has been training worldwide since 2002. We pride ourselves on ensuring our content, our training environment and trainers are all epic in every way possible. The trainers you will meet are working penetration testers, responsible for numerous tools, talks and 0day releases. This provides you with real experiences from the field along with actual practitioners who will be able to support you in a wide range of real-world security discussions. We have years of experience building environments and labs tailored for learning, after all education is at the core of SensePost and Orange Cyberdefense.

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