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Blue Team Arsenal: Python and Generative AI for Threat Intelligence [BTA]


Thomas Roccia |  Roberto Rodriguez

"This training is a unique opportunity for students to step up in their careers by becoming advanced threat researchers. We will be teaching the skills of tomorrow, today, so that every participant will be ahead of the industry standard. More than training, we aim to provide a career transformation."

Format: 3 Days In-person

Audience level: Beginner, Intermediate

Threat intelligence plays a critical role in an organization’s defense strategy, empowering defenders with deep understanding of adversary tradecraft and their threat landscape. For a threat intelligence analyst, the abilities to collect and connect information from a wide variety of data sources and dive deep into malicious software are essential. Imagine streamlining these processes by building your own tools and leveraging artificial intelligence. In this 3-day class, you will learn to use Python to collect and analyze threat data, build your own custom tools, and integrate the power for Generative AI to transform your technical approach to threat intelligence. We will combine theory with practical, hands-on exercises, giving you the opportunity to apply all these concepts in real-world scenarios. By the end of this course, you will have the necessary skills and tools to unlock new capabilities into your threat intelligence cycle.

Thomas Roccia, also known as @fr0gger_, has been working in the cybersecurity industry for over a decade, confronting critical outbreaks and the forefront of notorious cyber-attacks globally. He's a regular at security conferences and fervently contributes to the open-source community, spearheading the Unprotect Project since 2015—an open malware evasion technique database—and more recently, launching YaraToolkit, a go-to platform for everything Yara. A Python aficionado, Thomas often scripts in Jupyter Notebook and even crafted the Jupyter Universe, a search engine spotlighting infosec notebooks. Since 2018, he's been mentoring cybersecurity master's students, assisting over 100 emerging talents on their career paths. With his training, Thomas is eager to deliver a unique experience, offering insights and sharing his journey to inspire and guide participants in carving their own paths in cybersecurity.

Twitter: @fr0gger_


Roberto Rodriguez, known as @Cyb3rWard0g, developed a passion for understanding attackers' tradecraft and the hacking mindset during his career. He quickly recognized the potential of Generative AI for the cybersecurity field and began to explore its applications.

He is a frequent speaker at major international conferences and actively participates in the cybersecurity community. Rodriguez founded the Open Threat Research community to foster a network of like-minded professionals. He was a pioneer in using Jupyter notebooks to demonstrate his workflow and share experiments with the community. In 2020, he launched the JupyterThon conference, an online event designed to unite enthusiasts around the innovative use of infosec notebooks. The conference has grown in popularity over the years. More recently, Rodriguez has focused on Generative AI, convinced of its transformative impact on the industry.

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