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[THE] Tactical Hacking Essentials

By Jason Spencer

3 Days

This training course has been delivered successfully at BlackHat (USA) in the past is schedules to be delivered again this year. It will also be delivered at DEFCON and other major conferences this year.

EarlyBird - $2750 (+ GST)

General - $3000 (+ GST)

Late - $3300 (+ GST)

GST is 10% in Australia
Course Abstract:

Are you looking to leap into a penetration testing career and gain essential practical hacking skills? Then this course is for you!
This extremely hands-on course is designed to provide you with a complete overview and methodology to start a career in penetration testing. Our core methodologies are instilled throughout this course. You’ll be taken on a immersive journey into the day-to-day tactical operations of a penetration tester.
Key Points:
* Complete methodologies to conduct penetration tests
* Deep dive into the complete attack path of a real world attacker
* Fundamentals to continue a career in the security testing/ethical hacking field
The course starts off with fundamental security knowledge to provide you with a solid technical base to build upon. The attack model starts from an external perspective with the main objective of taking over an organisation. You’ll be exposed to open-source intelligence gathering techniques, external and web application hacking skills and working your way into an organisation, ending with advanced internal network compromises and objective completion. Throughout the course you will gain actual attacker skills and knowledge to apply in real-world scenarios.
This course is highly practical and will provide you with tools and techniques to achieve objectives through the course in our immersive online lab environment.
Join us and learn to hack hard!


Course Syllabus:This course is:
* 60% practical and 40% theoretical
* Immersive practicals with a wide spread of coverage
* Delivered by active penetration testers
Key Modules:
* Who we are
* Why this course matters
* Action plan and approach
* How to get the most out of this course
Fundamental Base:
* What is information security
* The security landscape
* History of hacking
* The hacker mindset
* Why methodologies matters
* Introduction to method based hacking
* A sneak peek at hacking stuff
* Attacker recipes
External Infrastructure Hacking:
* Introduction to external infrastructure and exposure
* OSINT fundamentals
* Reconnaissance
* Footprinting large scale infrastructure
* Fingerprinting services of interest
* Preparing for attacks
Internal Infrastructure Hacking:
* Introduction to organisational infrastructure
* Situational awareness and familiarisation
* Internal pentesting tools sets and approaches
* Internal network footprinting and fingerprinting
* Automated vulnerability identification
* Manual vulnerability identification
* Low hanging fruit & common misconfigurations
* Networking devices and service attacks
* Understanding Activate Directory infrastructure
* Planning a path for take-over
Advanced Internal Hacking:
* Active Directory exploitation techniques
* Hash cracking techniques
* Kerberos overview
* Compromising key infrastructure
* Privilege escalations and lateral movements
Organisational Take Over:
* Pivoting through AD infrastructure
* Domain compromise
* Pwning unnecessarily hard
* Key course take-aways

Jason Spencer

Jason is a security analyst at Orange Cyberdefense part of the SensePost team. He found his passion in information security during his honours year at Rhodes University where he studied Computer Science and Information systems. When he is not busy hacking into the night he often breaks company signs.

SensePost is an elite ethical hacking team of Orange Cyberdefense that has been training worldwide since 2002. We pride ourselves on ensuring our content, our training environment and trainers are all epic in every way possible. The trainers you will meet are working penetration testers, responsible for numerous tools, talks and 0day releases. This provides you with real experiences from the field along with actual practitioners who will be able to support you in a wide range of real-world security discussions. We have years of experience building environments and labs tailored for learning, after all education is at the core of SensePost and Orange Cyberdefense.

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